A downloadable game for Windows

"99 little bugs in the code

99 little bugs in the code

Take one down, patch it around

117 little bugs in the code..."

Eliminate all 99 bugs in your code before time runs out.

How to Play:

  • Use A and D keys to move left and right
  • Space bar to jump and double jump
  • Move scroll bar on right up and down to delay/speed-up bugs
  • Select "files" in Project Explorer to change difficulty

Submission for My First Game Jam.  

Downloadable for Windows.


99Bugs.exe 2 MB


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Really amusing little game! I really dig how the UI and such feed into the idea. I love how the intro is crash and the code in the the background is the GML that drives the game. I recognised the inputs! The comments in the code clue me in to parts of the game. I love that!

Some more useful feedback: Just two semi-major things.

1. The game mentions I should collect as many bugs as I can before the timer runs out, however I don't see a timer anywhere. So it feels as though the game just ends when it feels like it.

2. When I jump and collect a bug, and it splits, the two other parts are already so far below me that I can't catch up. Two things could fix this. Either, give me the ability to rocket back down to the floor, like a downsmash. Or, when the bugs split, the two new bugs should travel in an arc, 'popping' up into the air and away from me before falling downward again.

Having said that, I do love the aesthetic of this game! Really well done.